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The Young Philharmonic Orchestra

Member of the "Jeunesses musicales Deutschland e.V."

Young people inspire for the world of classical music

It is the goal of the Young Philharmonic Orchestra to stage large and elaborate performances. The advanced students only have seven days to rehearse concertos and symphonies, which are then performed in four concerts. The participants range in age from 12 to 25 years. Many of them still go to school, others study at music colleges. To all of them, not only the music is important, but also cooperation and friendship. For many young musicians, it's a new experience to play with a large orchestra instead of a small ensemble; and it's also an opportunity to discover unknown music pieces or known, in a completely new way.

The concept of the Young Philharmonic has proved itself: young, dedicated musicians; choice of works; and the bonding time of rehearsals. Some of the members even come from Cologne and Munich "just" for a weekend of rehearsals!
The Young Philharmonic Orchestra was founded in 1984 by the music schools in the district of Herford; and re-emerged in 1997, when Siegfried Westphal took up the initiative. Since then, rising talents are given chance to play with the Youth Orchestra so they can display their ability in front of a large audience. In 2006, the Young Philharmonic Orchestra went to their first concert tour in Voiron, France.

It is the mixture of work, challenge, and the time spent together that gives the Young Philharmonic Orchetra its team spirit and enables it to grow to what it is today.